Reunion, 2003
New pictures posted 3/3/04
Held in Hampton, VA
Oct. 23 - 26

It can be said that we all had a great time after all was said and done.
We organized our group, elected our officers, set up our first committees.

Your Officers for 2003/4

                                                                   From left to right:  Pete Reenstra   President             LST 1171
                                                                                              Dirk Brouwer   Vice President      LST 1177
                                                                                              Dave Miller       Sec./Treasurer     LST 1173

                      Recruitment Committee                                      Reunion Committee
                           BIll Richardson                                                       Dave Miller
                           Jim Hess                                                                Duane Stiener
                           Jack  Oaks                                                             Dan Miller
                                                                                                        Pete Reenstra

Battle Gators
Included as part of our tour of Norfolk and the Little Creek Amphib base
was the USS Wisconcin.  Here are a few of us under the front guns.
I think I have the names right, so, from left to right:  John Carpenter, 1178;
Ken Friske, 1171; Bob Richardson, 1174; Duane Steiner, 1174; Clovis Long, 1157;
Joe Grage, 1171; Fred Hessling, 1176; George Waldhauser, 1178; Gary Stone, 1171;
Paul Petry, 1174; Larry Adamik, 1171; Pete Reenstra, 1171; Dave Miller, 1173;
and Conley Peters, 1171.  See below for more.

Unfortunately, several attendees had to leave before our meeting.
I believe all of them will be seen below in the pictures from the tours.
These are the men, and ladies, who stayed to conduct the affairs of our new association.

Dave LaBar, Al DeRosia, Clovis Long, Bud White,
and Charles Burton.  Missing is George O'Connell,
who was out of the room.

Rear, l tor; Jim Hess, Conley Peters, Larry Adamik,
Pete Reenstra, and Joe Grage.
Front; Ken Friske, Gary Stone, and Kelly Ledbetter.

Dan Miller and Dave Miller

Ernest Warren, Bill Leibold, Duane Steiner, Richard Reese, Bob Richardson, and John Benoit.

Wayne Halloran, Jim Armendarez, Jack Oakes,
and Fred Hessling.

Bob Webber and Dirk Brouwer.

Good that Richard Reese stayed - there wouldn't
have been a rep for the 1178 left.

Wives Club
Sue Adamik, Betty DeRosia, Linda Liebold,
Brenda Richardson, Carol Reese, Carolyn Oakes,
Hazel Ledbetter, Ellen Benoit, Jean Steiner, 
and Eva LaBar.

Below, miscellaneous pictures from Larry Adamik, Joe Grage,
Bill Richardson, Jim Armendarez, Kelley Ledbetter, and Pete Reenstra
showing our attendees at various places around the tours and hospitality room.  I will identify everyone with their ship.
Thanks to all who have shared their photographs.

Pictures were taken at the pier area of Little Creek amphib base, our old home,
the CPO Club where we had lunch, on the USS Wisconsin BB64, on the
Williamsburg tour, and the business meeting Saturday evening at the hotel.
They're not all here yet - more coming - and from other cameras.
If you have some you'd like to add, send 'em to me!

l. to r. Conley Peters, 1171;
Gary Stone, 1171; Joe Grage, 1171.

Too many backs-of-heads.
IDs with faces as they appear below.

l. to r. Paul Petry, 1174;
George and Susan Waldhauser, 1178; Jim Armendarez, 1176.

l. to r. Joe Grage, 1171; the back of Kelley's head, 1171;
Jim Hess, 1171; Pete Reenstra, 1171.

Fred Hessling, 1176, and Gary Stone , 1171, talk to Melissa, JNSN, our base guide.

Touring the base on the
bus, Melissa pointing out
the new and the old
points of interest.

At the CPO Club,
only Bill Richardson of the 1174 is recognizable.

Susan and George Waldhauser, 1178, and John Carpenter, 1178.

Wayne Halloran, 1176, and Fred Hessling, 1176.

Kelley Ledbetter, 1171
is front and center.

Remember cominghome
from a cruise and lining 
the deck?

Larry Adamik,1171,
and Melissa.

The Amphib Theatre was
pretty cool, showing how
a full assault works.

We're getting the 
story before lights out.

Taking pictures at the
CPO Club - Larry and his wife Sue.

All 1171 - l to r;
Joe Grage, Pete Reenstra,
Larry Adamik, & Kelley

Forward of the Wisconsin,
Dave Miller, 1173 coming 
toward the photographer.

George and Susan Waldhauser, 1178 at the bow of the BB-64.

Conley Peters and Gary Stone of the 1171.

Fred Hessling, 1176; Bill Liebold, 1174; John Benoit, 1174; Paul Petry, 1174; and Hazel Ledbetter.

A serious discussion
between Pete Reenstra and
Jim Hess of the 1171.

The organizational meeting
is under way.

Joe Grage, Larry Adamik,
and Ken Friske, 
1171 vets all.

Since the wives were good
enough to take our pictures,
we got slightly different takes.

One of the tables at the 
CPO Club.

Melissa is sandwiched between Bill and Linda Liebold, 1174 

Jean and Duane Steiner, 
1174, on base, at the bus.

Larry Adamik, 1171, is
behind Duane Steiner,
with Anne, our tour guide
in Williamsburg.

Calvin Tully, 1174 and 
Gary Stone, 1171 on 
the BB 64 

Gary Stone, Pete Reenstra,
Joe Grage, and Jim Hess;
all 1171 vets.

Kelley Ledbetter, 1171,
and Paul Petry, 1174 at
the CPO Club.

Larry Adamik, Joe Grage,
Kelley Ledbetter of the 1171
with Anne our tour guide at the CPO Club.

Pete and Kelley, 1171
at the CPO Club.

Wayne Halloran and Jim
Armendarez of the 1176 on
the pier at Little Creek.

Melissa and Kelley.

Studying memorabilia 
at the meeting.  Jack Oakes,
1176, is dead center.

Dave and Eva LaBar, 1157,
Jim Armendarez, 1176, and
Dave Miller, 1173.

Studying memorabilia.
Duane Steiner, 1174, and a bunch of caps - Clovis, Dave and George, 1157. Eva's in the middle. 

1157 tables, looking up 
the room.  Foreground, George O'Connell, and 
Bud White.

The group at Williamsburg.

1157 discussion
Goerge O'Connell, Charles
Burton, Bud White, and Al

Pete's lecturing again!
Ken Friske, Larry Adamik,
and Pete Reenstra, 1171.

How about a few shots of our happy couples?

Bob and Brenda Richardson

Kelley and Hazel Ledbetter,
Sue and Larry Adamik

Carolyn and Richard Reese

Ellen and John Benoit

Linda and Bill Liebold

Jean and Duane Steiner
Among the missing: Al and Bette DeRosia, Dave and Eva LaBar,
Jack and Carolyn Oakes, and, George and Susan Waldhauser.

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