1171 Class Reunion

Held in Newport News, Va.
October, 2000

What a time!

(Graphic Intensive!  Please have patience)

This Gallery has a few of the photos I took in Newport News at our 1171 Class Reunion.
As you will see, I've included a couple of pictures of the Lorain County LST 1177 and
the Wood County LST 1178 as they were, Oct. 2000, deteriorating and anchored in the
James River Reserve Fleet.

It was really great going aboard these two vessels and walking on the decks that we worked
so many years ago.  We heard and saw the ghosts of our past.  It was quite sad to see the shape
that these "Large Slow Targets" have been allowed to deteriorate to.  Of course, no one
is out there keeping them clean and polished, and many parts have been stripped off.
Both ships have since been scrapped as the effort to save the Lorain fell through.
We are saddened, and can only hope that we will be able to save another T from
perhaps the 1156 class.  All 1171 class T's have now been destroyed.


On a more cheerful note, here are pictures from the reunion.

This is the group who stayed at the Omni Hotel
We are all vets of the 1171 and 1173 - and one from the 1175

Starting from the left, Gary McKnight, 1171;  Mem lapse #1, 1173;  Mem lapse #2, 1173;  Pete Reenstra, 1171;
Dave Miller, 1173;  Don Nachle, 1171;  Rich Tameris, 1175;  Dave Kittle, 1171;  Jerry Martin, 1171;  Bob Williams, 1171;
Ron Broome, 1173;  Conley Peters, 1171.
My apologies for my memory lapses - somebody please let me know who these two gents are - thanks.
Missing from photo is Plank Owner Thomas Winnie of the 1171.


Old and New Friends from the 1171

From the left, Jerry Martin, Gunners Mate;
Gary McKnight, Boatswains Mate;
Me - Pete Reenstra, Boatswains Mate
We served together between '58 and '64.

My question, how come a southern boy like Jerry
became a Yankee fan?

Bob Williams, Hospital Corpsman, and I share
a laugh on our way to the Reserve Fleet.
Bob sailed with us from '61 to '63.

See the next page for a few shots of the
Reserve Fleet.
All that good steel goin' to waste!

From the left, Dave Miller of the 1173; me again;
Dave Kittle, Boatswains Mate Chief; and
Conley Peters.  Dave K. and Conley sailed
together until decommissioning in '72.

We're on the bridge of the 1177, with the 
boom and cargo hatch of the 1178 behind us.

Here's Tom Winnie looking up between the ships,
and Don Nachle checking the aft section of the 1177.
These two vets are both plank owners of the 1171.

Word is that the 1178 in the background
has been scrapped.  The Army keepers of
the James River Reserve Fleet told us it had
been scheduled.

Would this site be complete without a pic
of one of our old favorite watering holes?

It's the last one standing, and not for long!
With the modernization of Little Creek,
the bulldozer cometh!

Let's mosey to the Cozy!


What's it like on the Lorain County at the Reserve Fleet?
Take a look!

Inside the Bridge of the Lorain. 
A few items are missing, as I recall!

Looking forward from the bridge of the Lorain
County, The Wood is on the left, and the next row
is in the background.

Looking aft from the top of the truck ramp
on the Lorain.

Dave Kittle and Gary McKnight, both of the 1171,
ponder swim call in the bow doors!
A bit chilly today, men!

Charlie Patton and company
hanging the Ohio War Memorial flags 
on the gangplank.

Here's a couple shots of other Gators on the tug going out.

The formation of the 1171 Class Association.
We began our group at the Best Western and crowded into
the hall for this shot - taken by Jerry Martin's wife.


The tour that was planned for Saturday on the Amphib Base in Little Creek, and
the tour of Norfolk Naval Base was canceled due to the USS Cole terrorist bombing.
Don Nachle, Gary McKnight, and I (l to r) took in the Air Show at Langley AF Base.
We had a great day there, the acts were spectacular, the company fabulous!


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