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and other 'T's of the 1171 Class

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This update, March 20, 2014

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Photos here are of shipmates,
some we may not remember their names.
In some cases, it has been 50 years, you know.

There are a couple group pictures
in Gallery 1 and on the Great Lakes Cruise pages.

The DeSoto County sailed under the U.S. flag for over
14 years, so I know there are a lot of you Gators out there.
Let's have some fun and share our memories here.

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These are some shots of me and my shipmates.

Bob "Deno" Denoncourt 
paints a masterpiece
38 years later...

"Deno" and I in my wife's
art studio

Jim Hague and I in Scotland

Otis Black and I in a photo
booth somewhere

Fred Nelson in Panama

Bob Hess in Panama

Gerry "Tiger" Gahagen 
in Washington

Couple of Marines on 
our Panama cruise

Bridge gang - l to r
Bergeron, Bob D., Joe LeBlanc, Lee Curtin, 
Gene Cain, and ?

Don Godfrey on the 3"50

GM Chief Hogerson, 
my boot camp leader

I don't remember who 
any of these guys are. 
  Panama 1964 barbeque
Brother in uniform - Miller, RDSN

Bob Tanner, Eng 3, 1963
Pic from Nancy Boyd, 
Bob's sister

Willy Farber on bow ramp

Riebel CS3 - the best
cook we had

Jim Bontrager and I
At NAS EM Club
9 days before I reported 
to the 1171 in 1961.

Ship's beach (beer) party
Taranto, Italy in 1962
Clyde Stone, me, Bob Osinsky, Floyd Pratt, Ken
Huizinga, and Gary Champagne

Gerry "Tiger" Gahagen
and I at the same party.

Bill Kirkland, Larry
Sinclair, Floyd Pratt, 
and myself in Genoa,
Italy, 1962

Liberty call, Taranto.
Me, a Marine named Blake,
and Clyde Stone.

Tom Wolfhart plays in
the 1st deck compartment

Wally Emilantsev looks at
the camera, Deno and 
Dawson ignore me.

Gary Pierce and I 
on the flying bridge

Joe Grage and Willy Farber

John Moran

Bob Todd

Another shot of Deno
and I in Panama 1964

Party in the BM locker -
Are we having fun yet?
Dawson, me, Farber

These shots were sent to me by Larry Ziegler, SH3.  Thanks, Larry.

Bob Whipple, BM1 and "Reb," CS3

Jim Hague, SN

Larry Ziegler as a SH striker in 1960

Cactus Club in Naples.
l to r: SK1 Bjorum, Cactus Queen, 
EM2 Cameron, and RD1 Glass

Here are several from Larry Adamik; Thank you Larry.
I put one in the Great Lakes Gallery as it was taken in Bay City, MI

Larry Adamik

Larry and friend, Billy Joe Wiley

Larry and "Alabama"

Larry in quarters

Sharp, Adkinson, Wiley (l to r)

Departing for service

Kelley Ledbetter

Joe Grage sent these - and a couple others he sent
have been added to the Great Lakes Cruise Gallery.  Thanks, Joe.

Joe's on the bridge

Capt Mann discusses the next beach beer party - or maybe the 
last one?

Ready to drop anchor!

Who said Gators 
can't be swingers!

George Shumate, a Seabee on the DeSoto's Med cruise in
1959 sent these terrific pictures.  Thank you, George.

George Shumate and 
Sgt. Sapp go on liberty
6/59 - Italy

George in Toulon, France
replacing the 1171's screw

(l to r) George, Morrison,
Sloop, & Sexson in Bombia,
This must have been
fun!  On every Med
cruise, the youngest 
Seabee was picked
to be Queen Bee.
Seaman Mosser got
the honor on this trip.

Here are a couple arrivals from Ken Friske DK3, who sailed with the
DeSoto from 1963 to 1965.  Have more from Ken in the Great Lakes Gallery.
Thank you, Ken, for sharing.

Here's Ken with the 
USS Enterprise CVA (N) 65
in the background.

Ken and friend on church
balcony in Portugal 11/64.

Guarding Panama, 1/64.

L to R: Oram-Smith, Ens;
Armissegger; Alexander, SK;
Stokes, SK; Ken; & Myers, CS.

New arrivals from Henry Ruiz, DC2
Med cruise, 1962.  Thanks, Henry.

Here is Henry himself

McCormick HM1, Bjorn SK1,
Whipple BM1, Phillips SF1,
Stevens SM1

5 Engineering P.O.s in
their compartment

Dugan EN3

Ruiz and Spates EN2

Corfu beach party landing

From Doyle Neal, Plankowner
These may be a little fuzzy - had to resize from small scan


5 Buddies

Touring (Med '59?)

Couple of pictures from Chuck DiSilvestro
on board '68 to '70 - Thanks Chuck.

Ready for action and danger!

Somebody's gotta steer

These photos 

are from Chuck's

cruise book

  New (March 2011) from Bob Syvertson
era - 1963-1965

Do you recognize those w/o a name?
Kelley Ledbetter has a great memory!  3 down, 3 to go...

Bob Syvertson

Larry Potts

Captain on Bridge

Mystery Sailor #1

  Dan Radar, SM3

Mystery Sailor #3

  J. Warner, YN1 &
Powell, PN2

Mystery Sailor #6

Also, from Brenda Stalnaker, sister of Howard Wine.
Howard was tragically killed in an auto accident as Duty Driver in Dec. 1964

Howard Wine

Brenda Stalnaker and Captain Mann

Other Gator Brothers

From Jim Blankenship (Golfsman) from the Graham County LST 1176
A couple more of Jim's pics will be in the  Sister LST Gallery shortly.  Thanks, Jim.


Jim Blankenship and 

Jim Blankenship

These pictures come from "Pete' Petry of the Grant County.
They were taken in 1971 and '72.  Thanks, Pete.

Paul "Pete" Petry - 1972
Grant County LST 1174

(l to r)  Paul Debault,
Paul Petry, Jamerson,
and Soriano - ready for 
liberty in Barcelona, 1971

Air lifting a medical 
emergency to the hospital

These two pictures were taken by Wally Romeo, En1.
They were taken in 1967 off Veiques Island, where Bob Hope
was filming on the USS Kerwin.  However, he had to
cross the 1176 to get there, hence the photo op.
I got the pics thru Wayne Halloran and Jim Armedarez.  Thanks to all.

Thanks for the Memories, Bob!
All of us will remember your dedication to the troops.

Here are a few pictures from Jack Oaks, LST 1176.
Thanks for sharing them, Jack.

Jack in 1960

Jack and "Tank" Waters 

From Jim Armendarez, BM3, USS Graham County LST 1176
These three got together in Clearwater Fla. in 2002
Thanks for sharing, Jim - bet you had a great time.

(l tor) Amendarez, Foley, Lee

Changing order, but same guys.
(l to r) BM3 J. Foley,
QM3 K. Lee,
BM3 S. Armendarez

Some pictures from Joe Morris, QM3, of the USS Grant County LST 1174.
These pictures were taken during the Med cruise of 1959 with the DeSoto County.
Thank you, Joe, for sharing.

Had to lighten this to see,
but this is Joe Morris

Morris and Nees on
liberty in Bari, Italy 

Nees and Karmon on
the bridge

Adkins, USN, and Langley,
USMC work mouont 33

Lacey and DiSilvio

Joe didn't ID 'em, so I
sure as hell can't!

Liberty launch, away!

I have received a few pictures from a new member of the AAFA, Dennis McDowell
Dennis served on the USS Oglethorpe AKA 100.  Pictures of her are in  Gallery 2
Dennis and his shipmates - then and now.  Thanks for the pics, Dennis.

Dennis McDowell

Jim Loving and Dennis

John Farley

Dennis & his wife are on right,
Jimmy Loving & his wife left,
Frank Thomas & his wife center

AKA 100 Reunion,
Savannah, GA

Dennis and Jimmy and their wives again.


These are many of those that I have received.
Do you have any you would like to post?

Scan 'em, and send 'em (as jpg files) to:

Thanks for sharing


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