Photo Gallery 2

Other "Super T's"
The ships that sailed with us

Contributed photos by the Gators
who sailed them!

Maybe one day I will rearrange these into numerical order, but
for now, they are pretty much in the order I received them,
(Updated April 29, 2004)

USS Lorain County LST 1177
As many of you know, the effort fell short to bring the Lorain County
back to Ohio where she was built to be a memorial to both the sailors who
sailed her and the people who built her.  She was built in Lorain County, Ohio.

Photo courtesy of the Great Lakes Research Institute, Bowling Green, Ohio.

These Pics are of the York County which became part
of the Italian Navy with the Desoto upon decommissioning in 1972.

This shot of the York County LST 1175
off-loading LVTs was submitted by
Rich Tameris, YN1 (ret.).  Rich served
on the York in 1972 when she was
decommissioned & transferred to Italy.
This shot of the York underway in the 
Mediterranean (1961).
Photo from Rich Tameris.
Thanks for the shots, Rich.
This picture of a causeway landing 
with the LST 1153 Talbot County is also
from Rich Tameris.
This picture of the York County is from
the Italian Naval Magazine, 3/2000 showing 
the "Nave Caorle" (L9891) at pierside just 
prior to demolition.

This picture of the 1175 was sent to me by Rodney Smith.
It was taken from the Grant County LST 1174

One more York picture, this one from Timothy Cook.

Follow this link, Grant County to see the Grant in Brazilian service.
At the bottom of the page, click "Voltar" to see other Grant pictures.

Wood County LST 1178

These five photos were sent to me by Wayne Bumm, 
an En3 on the Wood during 1971 and '72.
This is the Wood in the Kiel Canal.
This looks like familiar cement 
at Little Creek, VA. 
This is Wayne Bumm at the bow of the
"Tucumcari", a prototype for a subchaser.   The 
Navy was testing it against old PT boats and 
English hover craft.
The Tucumcari under its own power. 
The Wood carried her on a cruise that included 
Italy, Denmark, Germany, England, France, 
Greece and Turkey.
One more of the Wood County, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Thanks, Wayne, for these pictures.


Here is the USS Rushmore LSD 14, who served with the DeSoto Cty in Panama, 1/64.


This is a nice picture of the Graham County 1176 in St Thomas harbor, 1968
Thanks to Jim Blankenship for sending it.

Two shots of the Graham sent by Wayne Halloran.

So shoot me, fellas, I got a couple shots mixed up, these either came from Wayne, or Jim, or both.
But the pictures are of the 1176.

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(But you knew that, right?)

Here is a nice 1176 picture sent me by Jack Oakes

Here are some pictures sent to me by Joe Morris, QM3 of the Grant County LST 1174
These are provision, personel, and fuel transfers at sea, the Mediterranean to
be exact, in 1959.  All our T's have done this exercise at one time or another.  Thanks, Joe.

Conley crossing


Conley gets to other side

Hi-lining provisions

Caloosahatchie AO-98

Along side

Pilot house of the 1174

APA 44 and AO 98
pull away

And a picture of the Graham County as a gunboat tender.
I got this shot from  NavSource .  The Graham has the gunboats
Antelope PG-86, and the Ready PG-87 alongside.
Picture by the Patrol Gunboat Association.


Here are a few pictures of the Suffolk County, LST 1173
sent to me by Maurice Rivenbark.  Thank you, Maurice.
Pictures are circa 1958/9 according to Maurice,
and taken when the 1173 was on a Med cruise.

Here is the USS Oglethorpe AKA 100
Pictures sent to me by Dennis McDowell.
You will also find Dennis and a couple of his shipmates in the  Gator Gallery
Thanks for the pictures, and welcome, Dennis

Four different T's
I'll ID the senders in the next update

Terrell County 1157

Grant County in Brazil

Graham County

Lorain County 1177

This page was updated April 29, 2004

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