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DeSoto County Pictures
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Updated October 27, 2005

The deck crew I served with in 1962/63.


The Great Lakes Cruise - 1964
This page has pictures taken during the Great Lakes Cruise
of the DeSoto County, graciously provided by our Captain
at that time, LtCmdr H.D. Mann.

This picture was just sent to me by Doyle Neal, Plankowner
and member of the DeSoto's shakedown cruise.  Picture was
taken as the DeSoto steamed down the Mississippi on her way
to shakedown.  Thank you, Doyle.

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My pictures of the DeSoto County

This is looking at the ship from behind, port side,
and we're carrying a causeway on each side for amphibian landings.
We can carry up to four.

Looking forward from the "flying bridge"
  Looking aft from the truck ramp

Chopper on deck!
No Apaches or Nighthawks in my day.
These two shots are of a causeway marriage that the DeSoto made in the Caribbean.  This one we are approaching,

And this one the marriage is complete.  The first is obviously looking out from the tank deck, and this one is from the forecastle.

Here are the standard implements of destruction on our class of LST.
Twin mounted 3" 50's.  There are two mounts forward, and one aft.
One helluva pop gun!
And here I am, ready for action and danger(?) at my GQ battle station, Local Surface Operator on one of our three 3" 50 gun mounts.
Hard to believe that I was ever this skinny, but here I am at our ship's barbeque in Panama in January of 1964.  What a difference 41 years makes!

A couple miscellaneous pics that I have found in some old slides

This is our Captain's Gig, coming alongside off P.R.
Not sure of the date, but during operations off Vieques.
This is the main deck, loaded.
Took this pic in Panama, 12/63

Here is a picture sent to me by George Shumate.
You Gators know it was taken underway from the flying bridge.
I really like this picture!
Atlantic swells in 1959.

Speaking of 1959...
There was a Med cruise that year.  Joe Morris was a QM3 on the USS Grant County
LST 1174, which made the Med cruise with the Big D.  He just sent me these pictures
of the 1171.  Anybody remember tangling anchors with the USS Caperton?
Thank you Joe, for these pictures.

This one shows the anchor
chain locked

This one shows the UDT
unhooking the chains

This is the hydrafoil from
R.D.C. to Messina

This is our beloved Big D
steaming alonside the Grant

1962 Med Cruise
Pictures sent by Henry Ruiz

A couple pictures from '64/'65
These are a couple pictures sent in by Ken Friske from Panama
and from Spain - Operation Steelpike.


Change of Command - 1972
Here are a couple pictures of the changing of command between the Italian Navy
and our own.  These pictures were graciously sent ot me by Conley Peters,
a Boatswain's Mate on the DeSoto at the ceremony.  Thanks, Conley.

The picture on the left shows both the York County LST 1175,and the DeSoto County LST 1171.
The York is on the left side of the picture.

The DeSoto County spent 20 years serving in the
Italian Navy.  This is how she looked.

This photo was taken by Ignacio Lopes in Brindisi, Italy
Ignacio is a veteran of the Spanish Navy.

I have expanded the gallery to include pictures of other T's.
Our sister ships in the 1171 class are shown at  Gallery 2 , and
 other T's, of course, are also welcome.  I will try to accommodate
as many pictures as I can, so please send me your favorites to post.
My prime objective, however is for "Super T" pictures.


The 1171 in the Med - 1969

Helo operations in Med - 1969
Photos by Conley Peters
One tight fit!
Also by Conley Peters


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Gallery 2 - Other LSTs and Amphibious Ship Pictures

Here she is once more, underway, going somewhere!

A sad, but fond farewell to the DeSoto County
This picture is taken from the pages of the Italian Naval magazine,
It shows the Nave GRADO, (L9890), better know to us as
the proud USS DESOTO COUNTY (LST 1171) under tow
to her final demolition.
(Geez!  That was surprisingly hard to write!)



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