1171 Class Information

Suffolk County Class?

According to one Naval history communication I received,
the only ship in the 1171 class was the DeSoto County.
The 1172 was cancelled early in construction, and the 1173 is
another class of LST, a step beyond the 1171.  They are very
similar, however, and a corrected title would be the 1171/1173 Class.
Page updated on May 23, 2002

Research has led to Jane's Fighting Ships, 1971-72 which called this class of LST the Suffolk Class.  Why, since the Suffok County was the third T, numbered 1173.  Actually, it became the second as the contract for the 1172 was not awarded.  The Suffolk was launchd on Sept. 5, 1956 by the Boston Navy Yard six months before the DeSoto County was launched, Feb. 28, 1957 at Avondale in New Orleans.  Also launching prior to the DeSoto was the Grant County LST 1174 at Avondale on Oct. 12, 1956. 

Shortly thereafter, the rest of the class was launched.
York County LST 1175 Mar. 5, 1957 at Newport News
Graham County LST 1176 Sept. 19 at Newport News
Lorain County LST 1177 June 22 at Amrican SB
Wood County LST 1178 Dec. 14 at American SB

Jane's description of this class
"Improved LSTs with greater speed and troop capacity than earlier ships of this category; considered the 'ultimate' design attainable with traditional bow door configuration."

DeSoto County - June 10, 1958
Suffolk County - Aug. 15, 1957
Grant County - Dec. 17, 1957
York County - Nov. 8, 1957
Graham County - April 17, 1958
Lorain County - Oct. 3, 1958
Wood County - Aug. 5, 1959

Four ships were decommissioned on July 1, 1972 and placed in the fleet reserve.  The Graham County was converted to a gunship support ship (AGP 1176).  Two ships, the DeSoto and the York, were transferred to the Italian Navy.

In the Stats

Complement - 184 (10 officers, 174 men)
Troops - varied, approx. 575 (York - 430)

6 Nordburg diesel engines, 2 shafts, controllable pitch
propellers = 17.5 knots

From Jane's 1984-85

There is a conflict here, as at first the indication is that three Super T's are still in service,
but at the end of the remarks, all are in reserve and waiting for transfer to foreign service.
The three remaining ships are the:
Suffolk County LST 1173
Lorain County LST 1177
Wood County LST 1178

The Wood County was to be converted to a support ship for the "Pegasus" 
class PHM's, but deleted by the Carter Administration.  Attempts later to
reinstate the conversion failed.

Further Design information
High degree of habitality with all crew and troop spaces air conditioned.
Can carry 28 medium tanks or vehicles to 75 tons on 288" long tank deck.
Davits for four LCVP landing craft.
Liquid cargo capacity 100,000 gal. (US) diesel or jet fuel,
plus 7,000 gal. petrol for embarked vehicles. 
Some ships had reduced troop space to carry 25,000 gal.
aviation fuel for pumping ashore or to other shops.

Jane's '84-85 Also Reported on foreign service

Brazil - Duque De Caxais G-26   Formerly Grant County LST 1174
Transfered to Brazil: Jan. 17, 1973
Purchased: February 11, 1980

Now fitted with Stulcken Heavy Lift Gear

Brazil also has Garcia D'Avila G-28   Formerly Outagamie County LST 1073
Transfered on loan: May 5, 1971
Purchased: December 1, 1973

Italy - 2 DeSoto Class LSTs
Grado L9890   Formerly DeSoto County LST 1171
Caorle L9891   Formerly York County LST 1175
Transfered July 17, 1972