The Great Lakes Cruise - 1964

These are pictures of the DeSoto County
at various locations in the Great Lakes.
(page updated March 22, 2009)

It is with deep regret that I post today that
Lt. Cdr. Horace D. Mann was taken home on March 14, 2009.
Captain Mann served on the 1171 from 1963 to 1965.
Your prayers for him and his family will be appreciated.

Many of these photos were generously provided by
Lt. Cdr. Horace D. Mann, Captain of the DeSoto
during this cruise.  Thanks, "Skip".

The pictures from Capt. Mann are scanned copies of
xeroxed photographs.

I now have a few pics from the crew,
which I have added below.

Point of information:  We are not sure where in the Lakes some of them were taken
(it was, after all, 37 years ago).
On Oct. 10, 2002, I received excellent information from Nancy Tanner Boyd,
whose brother, Robert Tanner, was an Engineman 3rd class on this cruise.
Thank you, Nancy, for taking the time to copy all that valuable Big 'D'
memorabilia.  There is much more than I can post.

Ports of Call

Ogdensburg, N.Y.            Bay City, Mich.                   Milwaukee, Wis.
Rochester, NY                Sault St. Marie,Mich.            Muskegon, Ill
Buffalo, N.Y.                 Duluth, Minn.                     Port Huron, Mich.
Erie, PA.                      Marquette, Mich.                Cleveland, Ohio
Toledo, Ohio                  Chicago, Ill.                      Oswego, N.Y.
Detroit, Mich.                Great Lakes, Ill                  Montreal, Canada

First, of course, the officers and crew.

Need I tell you that Captain Mann is front row, center?

I only count 43 White Hats, so this can't be the entire crew,
and, since I don't recognize anyone, possibly Engineering Dept.

I've thumnailed a few of the pictures for easier downloading of the page.
Click image for larger size - hit "Back" to return.

The Big D passes thru a RR bridge.

Thanks to information provided by Nancy Boyd, this picture was taken in Erie, PA.

I think this is the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, NY.

No landmarks, but again thanks to info from Nancy, this is entering the harbor at Buffalo.


I like this picture - New information!  Larry of LST 825 said
that Chicago has a three masted tour schooner that looks like this one,
and that there is a similar jetty in Chicago.  Reckon that puts this
picture in Lake Michigan!  Thanks, Larry.
Information confirmed by Capt. Mann.

Of course, I'm guessing, but Chicago sound right?  Absolutely!

Here are a few shots sent to me from Larry Adamik and Joe Grage.
Thanks to both for these interesting pictures.

From Larry, this picture of a flag raising ceremony in Bay City, Michigan.
Larry is the first sailor on the right.  Recognize him?

And these are from Joe, taken in Chicago.

Lining up to visit

Chicago piers

Rescue mission

Chopper on main deck

Visiters on deck

Ship in harbor

And here are a few shots from Ken Friske.  Ken also has contributed a few shots
that are in the Gator Gallery and the 1171 Gallery.

Fireboat welcome, city unknown.

UDT charges in Toledo, Ohio.

UDT pickup in Toledo.

Helo taking off in Toledo.

Helo returning, Toledo.
(Liberty run?)

The locals come to see us in Toledo.

Docking in Chicago.



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